MIT 15.S12 Blockchain and Money Note (Lec 7~9) tbc

Study Questions:

  • How critical are the technical and commercial challenges – scalability, efficiency, privacy, security, interoperability – of current blockchain technology?
  • What are the possible tradeoffs of decentralisation, scalability and security? What are tradeoffs of consensus software updates, governance and so-called ‘hard forks’?
  • What might current work – Layer 2 applications, zero-knowledge proofs, alternative consensus algorithms – do to address current commercial challenges?

Student Questions:

  1. GDPR allows users to require those company to erase their transaction record in the ledger but it might have the potential risk of fraudulent activity.
    1. Some company have the AI based way do the fraud detection, but these kind of issue and solutions are under investigation and design.

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